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To Build A Fire by Jack London (Alternate Ending Writing Project)

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Grade 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

This is a super fun project I've done each year with my ESL classes but it would be perfect to do with any with middle school or high school students!

In this packet, students will complete a plot diagram for the story, identify a spot where a critical error was made (there are a few to pick from so everyone's stories will be different!) and then create a NEW plot diagram starting from that point! This helps the students create an alternate ending!

*Need a follow up activity? Read the original 1902 version of 'To Build a Fire" and compare it to the better known remake from 1908!*

What's Included

The packet includes:

Pg 1- Rubric out of 20

Pg 2- Blank Plot Diagram for the story

Pg 3- Focus Q's on which events are changing and why ((Brainstorm))

Pg 4- Blank Plot Diagram for their new version

Pgs 5-8- Final draft paper (with and without spaces for illustrations)

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