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Too Big to Fail (2011): Complete Movie Guide

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About This Product

Too Big to Fail (2011): Complete Movie Guide

This detailed guide provides a comprehensive learning tool for educators, rendering itself invaluable for teaching complex economic concepts involved in the Great Recession and its aftermath. Suitable not only for public school teachers but also homeschooling parents, this resource is flexible enough to incorporate into various teaching scenarios.

Focusing Areas:

  • Primary focus on the Great Recession period (2007-2009).
  • Exploration of Global repercussions adding international perspective.
  • The intricacies of bank failures, housing market crashes and spikes in unemployment.
  • The role of Federal Government during financial crises.

Apart from these, the guide also includes references to key personalities like Warren Buffet and crucial mechanisms like The Federal Reserve.The product comes equipped with twenty thought-provoking questions designed to stimulate discussion while ensuring comprehension amongst Grade 9 to Grade 12 students specializing in economics, social studies or U.S. history classes.


Teachers can use it as a group exercise during class screenings or assign as homework encouraging independent exploration by students at home. It includes both student versions which can be distributed among learners directly and an answer key for easy usage that requires no prior preparation.

Ease-of-use Features:
  1. Ready-to-print PDF format maintaining quality over numerous reproductions,
  2. Carefully crafted worksheets that promotes structured note-taking during film watches within classrooms.

In summation – simplifying an otherwise daunting task of explaining complicated financial jargons without diluting serious issues underneath – this movie guide proves itself an indispensable teaching aid in shaping informed citizens who are well-versed with and empathetic towards socioeconomic crises.

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