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Reaganomics: Graphic Organizer

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History: USA


Grade 8, 9, 10, 11



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About This Product

Reaganomics: Graphic Organizer

A valuable teaching resource, this comprehensive tool simplifies the complex subject of Reagan's economic policies. It is designed for students from grades 8 to 11. Particularly, educators working with subjects in Social Studies, specifically within the subdomain of USA History.

Key Principles

This graphic organizer focuses on 'Reaganomics', the economic approach used by President Ronald Reagan during his tenure from 1981-1989. The strategies covered include:

  • Supply-side economics
  • Monetarism
  • Deregulation
    • The graphics depict how these mechanisms were implemented to stimulate economic growth and boost job creation through decreases in taxes, reductions in government expenditure, and relaxing regulations across industries.

      Policy Changes Under Reagan's Administration

      Notably, important policy changes such as Tax Reform Act of 1986 aimed at simplifying tax code while promoting fairness and efficiency are discussed. The reasoning behind reducing government spending within social welfare programs is also explored – an attempt to downsize federal involvement while increasing individual contributions.

      Critical Perspectives on Reaganomics

      Included within it is an examination of arguments both praising and critiquing "Reaganomics". This promises exposure to critical thinking exercises around pertinent ongoing debates.

      An Excellent Classroom Tool

      This effective method stimulates classroom discussion or debate among peers during group study sessions or even when given as homework assignments.

      The Package Includes:
      1. A detailed teacher version with answers which can serve as a 'key'.
      2. A student template for filling in the blanks to confirm an understanding of Reaganomics.

      Available in a PDF format, this classroom-ready resource can plunge educators and students into the depths of a significant era in American economic history.

What's Included


Student version

Teacher key

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