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TOP Bedtime Songs

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About This Product

Introducing: TOP Bedtime Songs

An innovative educational resource for educators, Homeschooling parents and certainly suitable for public school teachers. A highly effective tool for enhancing Art & Music or Early Learning instruction especially designed with preschoolers and kindergarten students in mind.

A Musical Journey Children Will Cherish

Your young learners are introduced to an array of serene traditional lullaby melodies. From All The Pretty Little Horses, to Hush Little Baby,, this resource serves comfort and calm, ideal for transitioning students into quieter times such as nap time or bedtime - or any time the environment requires tranquility.

Song Line-up Details

  • The collection consists of meticulously crafted vocal arrangements spread across an impressive 18-song lineup.
  • Songs are packaged into one handy zip file ensuring simple downloads while offering flexible use-cases; whether on-the-go during travel moments or within various teaching scenarios like group activities or sensory development sessions.

Possible Utilization Strategies within Instruction Planning:

  1. Instill serene energy during whole-group relaxation sessions following playtime periods through these songs.
  2. Specific songs could be used within targeted emotional regulation exercises with smaller groups of students– exploring potential usage is limited only by your creativity!
Bonus value addition:
Homeschooling parents can seamlessly integrate 'TOP Bedtime Songs' not just within structured learning times but even during routine household moments like the pre-bed winding-down period – making everyday life a productive learning opportunity itself!

In conclusion, 'TOP Bedtime Songs' can foster emotional health along with kindling an early interest in music, perfectly complementing instructional tools that embrace holistic growth by marrying academics with real-life skillsets artfully!

What's Included

1 zip file with 18 songs

Resource Tags

educational resource bedtime songs music instruction preschool and kindergarten emotional well-being

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