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Transportation Alphabet Clip Cards

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About This Product

Kindergarteners and preschoolers will have a blast practicing letter recognition with these transportation alphabet clip cards. Students will get tons exposure to matching capital and lowercase letters as well as building fine motor skills by using clothes clips to identify each letter.

What is Included:

Each letter has four clip cards, for a total of 104 clip cards. Activities included with these clip cards are matching a capital letter to the same capital letter, matching a lowercase letter to the same lowercase letter and matching a capital letter with its corresponding lowercase letter.

How to Use:

To use these clip cards, students will need to use a clip or some other manipulative to mark each clip card. Students will look at the letter on each car card and then clip or cover the letter that matches the letter on the car. The teacher may choose to use other objects, like counters, bingo chips or mini erasers to identify each correct answer. The clip cards can be laminated so students can mark their correct responses with dry erase.

Where to Use:

  • Fine Motor or Literacy Center - Simply place the clip cards and clips inside the center for students to complete.

  • Morning Tubs or Baskets - These clip cards can be placed in a morning bin for students to work on while their classmates to arrive to school.

  • Task Boxes - By placing these clip cards in task boxes, the teacher will have an easy to set up activity for students that they can easily complete and clean up on their own.

Skills Assessed

  • Recognizing and identifying letters that are capital and lowercase

  • Matching a capital or lowercase letter to their letter counterpart

  • Fine Motor Skills with marking their answers with clips

These transportation alphabet clip cards are a low prep activity for teachers to assign to students. The cards just need to be printed out and cut apart before students can complete them.

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