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Trivia Spanish Past Simple digital with timer 50 tasks

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Grade 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

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About This Product

Trivia Spanish Past Simple Digital with Timer 50 Tasks

The Trivia Spanish Past Simple Digital with Timer 50 Tasks is an immersive digital game curated exclusively to review the Past Simple tense in Spanish (Pretérito Perfecto Simple de Indicativo). A perfect tool for educators on the lookout for a self-checking, no-prep activity ensuring their students get ample practice of regular and irregular verb forms.


  • A rich variety of verb forms covered over a collection of 50 questions, split into ten categories and five levels.

  • An element of challenge added by restricting answer time to 30 seconds per question.

  • A focus on different types of verbs as part regular and irregular specific categories.

  • Fulfill various learning scenarios - individual or group experiences.

Lending yourself flexibility in execution, use it as an engaging group game displayed on-screen with student-elements choosing categories & points to aim through oral responses. Inject further excitement by pushing your students to go directly for higher points – making them weigh every move considering incorrect answers slash their collected points!

This valuable resource also smoothly transitions into reaching learners across distances during remote lessons or assisting students during self-study periods offering impressive adaptability over repetitive teaching settings. Suitable not only within middle schools or high schools but equally beneficial among adult learners too!

A Fun Way To Master Past Tense In Spanish The Trivia Spanish Past Simple Digital with Timer 50 Tasks ingeniously blends competitive fun resulting robust understanding & efficiency in usage past tense verbs within students' ongoing language study, helping them excel confidently!


Ofrezco un recurso dinámico y auto correctivo diseñado para practicar el Presente simple de Indicativo en español. Esta herramienta, con formato de trivia interactiva, consta de 50 preguntas categorizadas que abarcan verbos regulares e irregulares y la construcción de oraciones.

Apto para dividir clases en grupos competitivos, permite al docente moderar y puntuar respuestas, incentivando la participación activa de los estudiantes. Además de reforzar la gramática, el juego contribuye al enriquecimiento del vocabulario y la formación correcta de frases. Creado en Power Point™, está disponible en dos versiones, con y sin marcador.

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