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Turtle | Jointed Animal Craft | Articulated Craft

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About This Product

This innovative turtle craft allows students to construct their own jointed paper reptile that moves and positions itself just like the real things! Spark creativity and bring key science concepts to life with this hands-on articulated turtle template.

The complete printable set includes a choice of two vibrant turtle varieties - green sea turtle and red-eared slider. Each features interchangeable heads with varying expressions so students can customize their turtle’s personality. The dynamic part is the jointed shell consisting of multiple segments that connect together with brass fasteners into a poseable body.

To build their articulated turtles, have students color and cut out the turtle parts and use fasteners to connect the segments.

Students will delight manipulating their turtles to mimic swimming, digging, basking, hiding behaviors that reinforce science concepts related to adaptation, habitats, and anatomy. Posing their paper pets reflects curricular concepts in an engaging hands-on manner that deepens understanding.

The project also presents cross-curricular opportunities to build skills in engineering design, spatial reasoning, measuring, and fine motor control required to properly assemble moving parts. Paired with habitat dioramas and creative writing, the articulated turtles facilitate well-rounded presentations of learning.

Interactive and highly engaging, this jointed turtle craft enables students to take an active role in the learning process, fostering science connections that stick!

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