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Umbrellas and Rainboots Matching Activity

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About This Product

Umbrellas and Rainboots Matching Activity: A Creative Approach for Young Learners

Making learning fun, interactive, and visually engaging is a critical approach in retaining children's attention. Ideal for educators in public schools or homeschool situations who have preschool and kindergarten students, the Umbrellas and Rainboots Matching Activity thrives on this key aspect.


Engaged within the subject of Math emphasizing Patterns, this hands-on activity introduces an engaging method of teaching pattern recognition using everyday items like umbrellas and rain boots.


The resource comes as a 2-page printable PDF. Page 1 displays vibrant umbrella patterns while page 2 features matching colourful rain boots. The brightly hued images capture student interest while exercising their minds as they match each pair.

Beyond Individual Work-Sessions:

  • Introduce group study activities for collaborative learning.
  • Promote conversation among peers during common tasks, improving student comprehension rate.

School tools like these establish familiarity with everyday items fostering connections between classroom lessons to their outside world- fostering practical life lessons with an element of fun!

A Little Extra:

Laminating can ensure durability especially during repeated usage in group settings or math center slots. Consider attaching Velcro dots to facilitate easy removal & replacement - adding another layer of engagement!

If you're aiming to enrich your teaching regimen while imparting valuable skills - consider the Umbrella & Rainboot Matching Activity! Transform early childhood education by embracing enjoyable yet productive methods today!

What's Included

1 PDF with 2 usable pages

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