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Under the sea number posters

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About This Product

Under the Sea Number Posters

Dive into a fun and interactive way of teaching numbers with the "Under the Sea Number Posters". This unique resource infuses an oceanic element into numerical education, enabling educators to give their teaching environment a fresh, engaging look while delivering quality lessons. As classroom decor, it not only brightens up learning spaces but also serves as an effective visual aid for students.

Design and Look

This set is meticulously designed with vibrant ocean-inspired aesthetics that readily captivate learners' attention and pique their interest in number learning. It's perfect for preschool to Grade 3 classes focusing on Math subjects and Numbers subtopics.The set genuinely resonates with young learners who are naturally drawn to cheerful colors and playful designs.


  • The Under the Sea Number Posters deliver versatility in its offerings - posters featuring numbers from one through twenty are provided both with and without ten frames charts, allowing educators flexibility in implementation based on instructional needs or pedagogical preference.
  • With posters accompanied by ten frame charts, each number is presented visually through corresponding dots within a ten frame grid alongside the number word - fostering students' recognition of numeric symbols, counting skills, and understanding of cardinal values all at once.
  • The alternative set without ten frames introduces just the digits alongside their word forms providing a simpler approach beneficial for very young kids starting out or those needing consolidation on basic identification skill before moving onto conceptual understanding via pictorial representation (ten frames).
Possible Uses:
  • Ideal for whole group lessons where these can be hung up as reference during activities;
  • Suitable for smaller group discussions involving counting games;
  • Can be given as homework assignments where kids can practice writing over them after pasting it onto scrapbooks – all encouraging repetition towards effortless recall.

All you need to do is print these PDF files and laminate them if desired for added durability – simple preparation yielding significant instructional benefits! Feel free to make modifications if required so that this tool aligns perfectly with specific curriculum needs – a testament to its flexibility. Transform your classroom into an undersea world of numbers, and watch your students' numeric skills surface with the "Under the Sea Number Posters".

What's Included

This set includes:

Number posters with ten frame charts

Number posters without ten frame charts

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under the sea number posters ocean theme visual aids counting skills

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