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U.S. History: Civil War | Document Based Student Activity

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History: USA


Grade 9, 10, 11, 12

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About This Product

U.S. History: Civil War | Document Based Student Activity

This is a comprehensive digital learning resource integrating seamlessly into Google Classroom for grades 9-12 Social Studies curriculum that offers an exploration of the life of a Civil War soldier.

Primary Source Learning: This interactive module empowers students to examine direct excerpts from letters penned by Union and Confederate soldiers and scrutinize photographs from this era in American history. The areas explored include but are not limited to-

  • Daily Camp Life
  • Food & Entertainment
  • Soldiers' Uniforms
  • Gear Carried into Battlefields
  • Medical Treatment Methods and more.

An enticing feature:
Embedded within is a short video about life during the war, partnered with related questions that support comprehension of the learned content. Additionally, there’s a fun 'True/False Drag n' Drop activity' based on the readings.

The Sum it Up Section

This section encourages learners to invest themselves in their roles, completing statements initiated by soldiers boosting creative thinking skills and building empathy.

Educational Flexibility

The module can be used in diverse teaching environments- as part of whole class instruction or small group problem-solving activities; as individual assignments or homework fostering self-paced learning independence among students.

Note:An answer key is provided for handy evaluation thus facilitating simpler teaching without compromising accuracy

What's Included

Google slides hyperlink in PowerPoint and PDF

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