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Use Better Vocabulary In Your Writing: said (EFL Work Pack) 8+

Use Better Vocabulary In Your Writing: said (EFL Work Pack) 8+
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About This Product

Use Better Vocabulary In Your Writing (said)

'Improve Your English As A Foreign Language' Work Packs save hours of time when preparing lessons for students where English is a second language . The packs are suitable for intermediary speakers of English, who want to improve their written English.

Each work pack uses our humorous comic character 'the alien Zoggy' to guide the student. They provide a fun, light hearted approach to learning English (suitable for young learners of 8 years plus through to adult).

The work packs help the student:

To learn idioms and colloquial phrases used by fluent English speakers (which often catch the foreign speaker out)

To use the right preposition after the verb

To set out and write formal letters in English

To expand their vocabulary for speaking and writing, by replacing boring words with more interesting words

To improve their skills in English grammar

Each pack includes tuition pages and follow up exercises to practice the skills learnt.

By the time the student has worked through each pack, their command of English will be at a much higher standard.

What's Included

7 pages

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