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Valentine's Day Activity Set

Valentine's Day Activity Set
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About This Product

Valentine's Day Activity Set

The Valentine's Day Activity Set provides a delightful way to commemorate Valentine's Day. It is suitable for kindergartners through 5th-grade students. This 48-page set includes four exciting activities that perfectly align with the spirit of giving and care on this special day while ensuring the content is educationally sound and adaptable.

Compliment Cards

Kick-start warm discussions using three sets of Compliment Cards. These cards create an interactive environment, allowing children to express their appreciation for their peers, thereby cultivating language skills, emotional resilience, and empathy.

Word Search Puzzles

Catch your students' interest with Word Search Puzzles designed for K-2nd graders and 3rd-5th graders alike. As they have fun finding hidden words related to this lovely holiday, students will also expand their vocabulary.

Crossword Puzzles

We've included Crossword Puzzles in different difficulty levels suitable for all learners in the class. These puzzles challenge students' spelling abilities and problem-solving skills.

'What I Love/Like'

The final product in our activity set is 'What I Love', a creative writing task where learners write about someone dear to them—a perfect chance for them to express themselves clearly while improving composition abilities.

Distribution: This resource comes in an easy-to-share PDF format that teachers can either print or pass digitally as needed — making it perfect not only for classroom learning but also distance learning scenarios: In conclusion, our Valentine's Day Activity Set reinforces more than just holiday knowledge; it melds academic content with character-building opportunities embedded in engaging tasks. This resource encourages students to form deeper bonds with classmates through meaningful exchanges about love and compliments promoting random acts of kindness.

What's Included

Included Please Find: 48 Pages

Compliment Cards: 3 Sets to appeal to elementary students

Word Search Puzzles: Differentiated for K-2nd and 3rd-5th

Crossword Puzzles: Differentiated for difficulty

What I Love/Like: Writing activity about who we care about

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Valentine's Day Classroom Activities Compliment Cards Word Search Puzzles Crossword Puzzles

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