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Valentine's Day: Count on to Add (1.OA.C.5)

Valentine's Day: Count on to Add (1.OA.C.5)
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Grade 1



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About This Product

Valentine's Day: Count on to Add (1.OA.C.5)

This resource is designed to provide fun and engaging learning experiences for Grade 1 Math students, in line with the requirements of Common Core State Standard 1.OA.C.5.

The pack includes 12 distinct Valentine's Day-themed task cards that make addition enjoyable and interactive for young learners. Each card features unique word problem scenarios that skillfully interject the tool of counting to master the art of addition.


  • Whole group instruction: Each student can participate and learn collaboratively.
  • Math centers or Stations: Smaller groups can learn focused sessions.
  • Select Partner work: This encourages peer learning by allowing students to solve problems together.


You can bring a whole new level of participation from your class by using these cards in game-like scenarios like SCOOT type activities. This promotes an all-new layer of enthusiasm when practicing essential math skills like counting on to add.

Packed with Extra Resources

  • A ready-made answer sheet: Helps you assess each student effortlessly after every activity!
  • All-important Student Data Sheet: This allows unrestricted insights into each child's progress in mastering this specific skill area!

The special touch is added by Valentine's Day based clipart incorporated into 12 delightful response cards, which is bound to spark joy among your students as they journey further into their mathematical lessons through Count On To Add exercises- making every practice session rewarding yet academically fruitful!

Last but not least, this top-quality teaching resource is conveniently offered in PDF file format, taking away any technical hassles and allowing you to focus purely on what you do best: Teaching!

Poke around to discover how each element of the Valentine's Day: Count on to Add (1.OA.C.5) adds up perfectly for a fulfilling educational experience!

What's Included

What is inside?

• 12 Task Cards

• Student Data Sheet

• Teacher Answer Sheet

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Valentine's Day Counting On Addition Word Problems Task Cards Math Centers

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