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Valentine's Day Exercise Stations

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About This Product

Valentine's Day Exercise Stations

The Valentine's Day Exercise Stations is a dynamic, physical education teaching resource that brings festive fitness into the classroom for your students. These 6 imaginative and diverse exercise station posters have been specially designed to engage elementary and middle school students in an invigorating St. Patrick’s Day workout!

Dynamic Gym Setup

Our tool lays out simple instructions to strategically place these thematic posters around your gym for an immediate group activity or a cross-fit style circuit workout session. This allows teachers to divide their class into small groups, introduce them at different stations and shuffle them around on command - creating an engaging physical education experience.

User-Friendly Visual Assists

This resource stands out due to its user-friendly visual aids paired with comprehensive setup guidelines. The detailed graphics and illustrations add clarity making it easy for both teachers as well as students.

MVPA (Max Volume of Physical Activity)

The activities promote MVPA boosting cardio fitness amidst energetic fun.

Versatile Multi-Year Use
  • Suitable across various grade levels - from elementary through middle school.
  • Maintains appeal whether used in multiple simultaneous classes or individually-per-class settings.
Different Capability Enhancement:
  • The exercises enhance capabilities like catching, throwing, kicking or coordinating hand-eye movements while promoting cardiovascular endurance.
  • This interactive approach also cultivates sportsmanship among peers by segmenting activities based on skill levels ensuring fairness and safety during playtime.
Versatility Beyond PE Lessons:
  1. Besides scheduled physical education classes, the versatile nature of this resource allows you to design interesting recess activities that keep students active and focused during free time too!
  2. You can even incorporate them as small-group games during field days or seasonal reward celebrations!
Lesson Layout:

Crafted with PE lessons' multifaceted structures – complete with headers corresponding to unique planning procedures, this resource offers teachers extra leverage over lesson layouts.

Gear up for healthy holiday celebrations with the Valentine's Day Exercise Stations—a resource perfect in fostering fun-filled learning experiences while honing comprehensive physical education skills.

What's Included

1 PDF with 12 ready to print pages

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