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About This Product

Visual Perception Mats / Cards: We Eat Set .

Specifically crafted for educators and homeschooling parents, this educational resource bundle is designed to make learning an engaging and fun process . Primarily focused on enhancing visual perception skills among students, these mat-cards are crucial tools in developing everyday functionality and reading competence .

Multi-faceted Application .

This product serves as a useful tool during speech- language development or occupational therapy sessions, making it a valuable part of your teaching toolkit . Perfect for parents interested in supplementing classroom-based learnings at home, each card exhibits themes that are simple yet stimulating enough to promote language abilities .

  • Diverse Visual Perception Skills : Each card focuses on specific aspects such as visual closure, form constancy, figure / ground recognition, and generalization .

  • Creative Communication Method : Promotes social interaction through class activities or group discussions .

  • Preliteracy Support : Serves as pre-reading aid and supports early literacy efforts .

Inclusive Learning Environment .

Suitable for both small group settings or one-on-one interaction with students— this versatile resource readily integrates into various teaching scenarios offering room for practical implementation . It's proven instrumental when addressing Special Education Needs ( SEN ) topics among students . Especially impactful within preschool and kindergarten classrooms— this special education tool greatly supplements early learning stages .

The Ready-to-use PDF Resource from TeachSimple©

This comprehensive 31 - page PDF file comes ready-to-print ! The cards also look excellent when printed using black ink !

All set to step up your teaching game? Download this invaluable aid today from TeachSimple© - Your ultimate destination for inspiring, practical, and innovatively designed educational resources .

31 - page PDF .

Find more materials like this by clicking WORDS ASIDE and make your teaching or therapy sessions more efficient and fun at the same time .

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