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Was hast du am Wochenende gemacht? - German Perfekt Listening Comprehension

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About This Product

German Perfekt Listening Comprehension is a versatile teaching resource, crafted with educators and homeschooling parents in mind. This product is designed to help students navigate the intricacies of the Perfekt tense in the German language. The title, translating to "What did you do over the weekend?", sets a relatable context for engaging learning exercises.

  • This product is flexible and can be adapted for various instructional styles - be it whole group teaching, small group activities, or individual homework assignments.
  • It contains over 50 regular and irregular verbs used within an authentic conversation script between two friends talking about their weekend activities.

The package features an invaluable resource – a comprehensive table that lists each verb used in the exercise. This table includes:

  1. The infinitive form of each verb,
  2. Their Präteritum (simple past) forms,
  3. Their Perfekt (perfect) forms,
  4. The English translations for straightforward understanding.

To enrich oral comprehension skills invaluable to language education, an mp3 version accompanies written materials—introducing auditory tools into your study routine. It comes along with an answer key facilitating easy-grading and ensuring students accurate feedback on their progress so they're never left flustered or wondering whether they've got it right!

In a nutshell - 'Was hast du am Wochenende gemacht? German Perfekt Listening Comprehension' not only offers text-focused lessons but also enhances learning experiences through interactive tools such as sound files ensuring learners master conversational german using perfect tense! You'll find its adaptive style fits right into your chosen learning environment - either private instruction at home or team-based class activities.

What's Included

lesson script, lesson audio mp3, worksheet, answer key

Resource Tags

listening comprehension German perfekt tense regular and irregular verbs scripted conversation versatile resource

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