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German Bicycle Vocabulary

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About This Product

In this German listening comprehension lesson, students will learn the parts of a bicycle as well as the verbs and other vocabulary they will need when talking about bike safety and a whole lot more. The listening comprehension lesson follows this YouTube video.

In the bundle you will find a PDF copy of the lesson with German and English side-by-side, an MP3 audio file of the lesson, a worksheet and an answer key. The worksheet is a simple matching exercise that requires the students to match the vocabulary word to the description of the bicycle part.

Vocabulary included in this lesson:

das Fahrrad - bicycle

der Rahmen - frame

die Fahrradgabel - bicycle fork

das Rad - wheel

der Reifen - tire

die Felge - rim

die Bremse - brake

die Speiche - spoke

der Reflektor - reflector

die Nabe - hub

der Gang - gear

die Kette - chain

das Pedal - pedal

der Sattel - saddle, seat

die Sattelstütze - seat post

der Lenker - handlebar

der Lenkervorbau - handlebar stem

der Griff - grip

der Bremshebel - brake lever

der Schalthebel - shift lever

die Klingel - bell

der Spiegel - mirror

der Korb - basket

das Vorderlicht - front light, headlight

das Rücklicht - back light, taillight

der Gepäckträger - luggage rack

die Bremsscheibe - brake rotor

die Bremsbacke - brake pad

das Schaltwerk - gear switch

der Helm - helmet

Recommended lesson plan:

Have the students watch the video or listen to the mp3 on their own devices, so that they can pause the lesson as needed throughout. (Tip: The YouTube version of this lesson includes the option to turn on German or English subtitles. Students can watch one time with German subtitles to get the spelling correct and another time with English subtitles to make sure they understood the vocabulary words properly.)

While they are watching/listening to the lesson, have them create a list of bicycle vocabulary in German and English. Once they have created their list, have them draw a picture of a bicycle and label the parts. (Alternatively, you could have them label the parts on an already created image of a bicycle, but this is not included in he bundle.)

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