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Weather Do A Dot Art Packet

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About This Product

Weather Do A Dot Art Packet: An exceptional teaching resource

Weather Do A Dot Art Packet is a comprehensive set of 18 printable worksheets (9 color; 9 b&w) deemed perfect for early learners, preschoolers, and kindergartners. This packet can be seamlessly integrated in various teaching scenarios such as morning work, substitute teacher plans or fast finisher tasks.

Fine motor and visual perceptual skills development:

  • This resource is structured to engage children in creative problem-solving while using do-a-dot markers.
  • The activities foster skills like independent twisting (opening & closing the marker), applying the right amount of pressure to prevent ink leakage through paper, bilateral hand coordination, motor planning among others.


This art packet works wonderfully not only in traditional classroom settings or homeschooling but also shines in special education settings, therapy sessions or ABA environments. The activities encourage movement into learning as they can be carried out sitting at a desk or prone on the floor.

Focused Learning:

The design of these materials focuses on diverse elements related to weather such as rain boots, clouds, thunderstorms lightning bolts rains drops snowfalls etc making earth science an engaging subject!

An innovative anxiety-free approach

No technical setup required!

. All files are available in easy-to-use PDF format - Simple just print get started class today using Weather Do Dot Art Packet catering learner curiosity about wonderful world weathers their very fingertips

What's Included

Items included for Weather:

-rain boot

-partly sunny




-lighting bolt

-rain drop



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