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what comes before and after - Before And After Numbers 1-20

what comes before and after - Before And After Numbers 1-20
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About This Product

What Comes Before and After - Before And After Numbers 1-20

This is an educational resource designed to bolster mathematical skills in early learners. Ideal for kindergarten, first grade, and homeschool settings, this resource focuses on numerical comprehension via engaging activities.

Benefits of Exercises

  • Utilizing pattern completion exercises in ascending and descending order, children can improve their counting abilities while simultaneously working on number writing.
  • The hands-on activities stimulate young minds into swift recognition of numbers. They equip students with the competency to mentally ascertain the position of numbers both before and after a given numeral from 1 to 20.
  • Beyond being a valuable resource for mental math enhancement, these worksheets also serve as an effective visual learning tool. Working well not only for early learners who have mastered counting up to ten but also those who may be grappling with learning difficulties.
  • The stepwise shift from physical counters towards more abstract conceptualization aids children visually discern number positions.
Included Materials & Uses

This package contains ten unique activity cards that can effortlessly be incorporated into weekly schedule classes or utilized as homework assignments throughout the academic year. On downloading the file, educators receive a printable PDF format containing five diverse Trace And Write Number Words pages that enrich mathematical vocabulary alongside enhancing numerical literacy. Covering primary school Math abstractions such as Patterns, Early Math, Numbers alongwith offering interactive Activities; this teaching resource efficiently integrates various subjects


"How you choose to utilize them ultimately depends entirely on your curriculum needs at any time in your teaching journey!"

In conclusion - No Limits!

You can incorporate this versatile resource into everyday classroom learning or home schooling instruction without limits. It bridges cognitive gaps, making it an priceless aid towards building solid numeracy foundations during critical developmental years.

What's Included

What will you get when you download this file?

When you download this file, you will get a printable PDF file containing 5 pages, Trace And Write Number Words, each page different from the other.

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