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When Questions for Special Ed, Speech, Remote Learning

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Kindergarten, Preschool, Grade 1



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About This Product

When Questions for Special Ed, Speech, Remote Learning

When Questions for Special Ed, Speech, Remote Learning is a resourceful teaching tool designed to support educators in guiding students through speech-oriented tasks. This package focuses on honing the ability of students to answer 'when' questions accurately as part of their Speech goals.

This teaching aid is advantageous for those in Special Education, particularly supportive towards learners within Kindergarten or Grade 1 curriculums and those undertaking homeschooling programs. While seemingly simple, learning the how and when to correctly respond to 'when' questions constitutes an essential aspect of a child's communication development.

Compatibility and Flexibility

The digital materials come in Microsoft PowerPoint files format but offer seamless compatibility with Google Slides. Hence it adapts accordingly whether you're utilizing this resource for whole-class instruction activities or tailored one-on-one sessions either onsite or remotely through remote-learning setups.

Promoting Active Learning

  • Nurtures active inquiry-based learning approach as students progress academically.
  • Serves pivotal steppingstones their journey becoming confident communicative individuals who can skillfully use language tool express thoughts feelings experiences constructively and effectively.
Affordable and easy implement solution on EQAO test prepping therapy sessions coaching drill sessions individual practice sets or as helpful resource packet parents children practicing at home.

What's Included

PowerPoint formatted for Google Slides too.

Resource Tags

communication development speech goals special education interactive slides remote learning

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