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Why Questions Slides for Special Ed, Speech and Remote Learning

Why Questions Slides for Special Ed, Speech and Remote Learning
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Kindergarten, Preschool, Grade 1



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About This Product

Product Description:

"Why Questions Slides for Special Ed, Speech and Remote Learning" is an efficient tool for interactive learning designed to help students understand the concept of 'Why' questions. This set of worksheets has been created specifically for children in Kindergarten, Preschool, or Grade 1 and is perfect for educators both in public schools and homeschooling environments.

The product includes 10 instructive slides, each packed with dialogues aimed at achieving speech goals. Each slide has been crafted in a fun and engaging way which does not compromise on education or enjoyment. These slides promote dialogue among students allowing them to practise their narrative skills specifically around 'why'-centered conversations.

  • A useful tool catering to different needs - Special Education as well as regular classrooms
  • Pitches perfectly to enhance abilities of learners needing extra support with communication skills
  • Versatile implementation made easy irrespective of class size or structure

This teaching tool can be used during whole group instruction periods where collective discussion is encouraged or within smaller groups for individual skill development sessions – in person or remotely!

We have aligned this product rightly with subjects focused on special resources like speech therapy. However, its application is not just limited within school parameters, it even promotes connection at home too! Available in a ready-to-use Microsoft PowerPoint format but fully compatible with Google Slides too!

In Conclusion:

Add the "Why Questions Slides" into your teaching resources kit today. Equip your pupils towards bettering their communication competence by mixing learning with play through this enjoyable and effortless way of teaching 'Why' questions.

What's Included

PowerPoint formatted for Google Slides too.

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