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Wild, Wild West Curriculum Pack

Wild, Wild West Curriculum Pack
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About This Product

If your students are studying different environments or are about to begin a western unit, I have just the resource to provide you with everything you need and more!


This is a Wild Wild West Curriculum Pack complete with an abundance of printable resources and engaging activities for students to complete.


This curriculum was designed for your preschool students.


The curriculum goal is to introduce and explore different experiences, encouraging imagination and creativity, while skill-building within the thematic framework.


The vocabulary that students will focus on is western, cowboy, cowgirl, ranch, branding, herd, bandana, gallop, cactus, tumbleweed, armadillo, rodeo, roundup, coyote, lasso, and cowpoke.


This curriculum will come with a color of the week (brown) and a letter of the week (C).


This curriculum pack includes:

--Sensory Table Ideas

--Art Activities

--Cooking Experience

--Community Time

--Math Activities

--Home/School Connection Ideas

--Science Table Enrichments

--Science Concepts/Activities

--Prop Box Ideas/Dramatic Play Enrichments

--Movement and Motor

--Playground/Walk Activities

--Transition/Waiting Ideas

--Block Area Enrichments

--Flannel Board

--Teacher Made Enrichment Ideas

--Field Trip Ideas

--Supplemental Learning Ideas/Activities


At the start of this pack, you will receive a list of supplies needed for activities and projects.


The worksheets, activities, and tasks included in this pack are intended to be completed in a variety of formats – whole group, small group, and independent work.


I hope you enjoy!


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What's Included

A 59 page printable PDF

Resource Tags

Preschool Curriculum Transition Ideas Environment Wild West Deserts Cowboys Horses Math Activity Cross Curricular

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