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Word Problems

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Word Problems


Grade 2, 3



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About This Product

Word Problems Workbook: The Perfect Learning Resource

Word Problems, a resourceful workbook, is centered around providing ample practice to elementary students in solving mathematical word problems. This eminent tool is concentrated on developing proficiency in:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication,
  • Division
  • Telling time
  • Fractions initiation for beginners.

Designed specifically for primary school children (mainly grade 2 to grade 3), this workbook complements most routinely applied classroom curricula seamlessly.

Simplicity and Structure

The heart of the workbook's design lies in its simplicity. Organized systematically in an escalating structure, it stimulates effective assimilation of content and development of vital critical thinking abilities that are key for resolving problems.

Note: Parents or educators can modify or resequence the content order as per each child’s learning speed.

Navigability & Self-Paced Learning

The ease-of-navigation feature promotes self-paced learning and instills independence amongst learners.

A Versatile Teaching Tool

This exceptional workbook proves beneficial:
  • In a formal classroom setting - as whole group teaching material during math hours or;
  • In supplementary assignments to amplify cooperative learning among smaller groups;
For homeschooling parents seeking holistic learning resources outside core curricula bounds, this sourcebook adds depth to their child's mathematical proficiencies.
An Instant Feedback Mechanism:
This practical tool includes an easy-to-reach four-page answer leaflet tucked within the book body ready to be pulled out whenever needed thereby enabling instant feedback.
In short, Word Problems deciphers complex issues into enjoyable exercises fostering a learning culture with minimum supervision indirectly fostering self-reliance and proactive mistake correction.

All files are delivered in PDF format for across-device compatibility simplifying lesson planning significantly & sustaining high-quality instruction delivery either in classrooms or home setups.

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