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Wounded Knee Historic Site: Historic Monuments

Wounded Knee Historic Site: Historic Monuments
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History: USA


Grade 4, 5, 6, 7, 8



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About This Product

Wounded Knee Historic Site: Historic Monuments

Wounded Knee Historic Site: Historic Monuments faithfully delves into a pivotal moment in US History - the egregious massacre at Wounded Knee. This resource is not merely a retelling of events, but instead courageously uncovers the complexities behind this historical episode that left a profound impact on Native American communities.

Historical Context:

The thorough account starts with providing students with pertinent background information about the event, characterized as a horrific act against the Lakota Tribe — people who were displaying tokens of peace when they were ruthlessly attacked in 1890. The narrative forges ahead to lay out detailed eyewitness accounts of what transpired that tragic day, directly sourcing from those present.

Learning Opportunities:

Students will appreciate gaining an enriched view into history through inclusive perspectives. They'll build their analytical skills by deciphering these first-hand narratives and descriptions, adding depth to their comprehension of events at Wounded Knee.

Beyond 1890:

This resource also sheds light on later activist movements that sought justice for aggrieved Native American communities. It provides coverage on pivotal organizations such as the American Indian Movement (AIM) established in 1968 and relays details about the notable protests staged by AIM at Wounded Knee in 1973.

Suitable Audiences:
  • Middle-School Teachers
  • Social Studies Professors
  • Civil Rights Historians
Leveraging The Resource:

To enhance learning and retention, thought-provoking review questions sporadically appear throughout this material; these are designed to prompt students to synthesize learned content and test understanding. Moreover, avenues for continuing exploration are outlined with suggestions centred around internet-based research and activities targeting multiple intelligences, ensuring rich lesson plans catering across various learning styles. An answer key supplement is also provided conveniently for educators leveraging it.

A High-Impact Resource:

With enough content spanning across approximately fifty print-ready pages structured intuitively for easy navigation teachers can utilize it comfortably whether teaching small groups or large classes & Even assign parts as homework or revision material; opportunities for creative use abound!

This PDF precisely caters to middle-grade students - falling within grades four through eight, rendering it a high-impact resource for anyone lecturing on US History or Social studies. By leveraging this valuable resource, teachers help students gain comprehensive insights into the tragic history of Native Americans and stimulate curiosity to delve deeper into other similar significant historical episodes.

What's Included

1 PDF with 50 ready to print pages

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