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Write multi-digit whole numbers in expanded form

Write multi-digit whole numbers in expanded form
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Grade 4



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Writing large numbers in expanded form is the process of breaking down numbers into their appropriate place value. It is useful for doing large sums without a calculator and helps students better understand the difference between thousands, hundredths, tens, and units.

Finding the expanded form of a number means looking at each digit in the multi-digit number to see what place value that digit is in. For example, if the digit 5 is in the hundreds place, then in expanded form that digit would be written as 500.

There are 4 Sets of Worksheets:

  • -Expanding 3 digit-numbers

  • -Expanding 4 digit-numbers

  • -Expanding 5 digit-numbers

  • -Expanding 6 digit-numbers

  • -Each Set has two possible presentations:

  • Numbers presented with each place value digit color coded and an example with a place value table at the top of the page.

  • Numbers written out without the color coding and the example at the top of page without the place value table

With the 4 Sets and 2 the presentations you have essentially 8 possible options to choose from and be able to differentiate from the very start.

Format of large numbers
For all of these resources you have a choice of 3 different number formats which will cover most educators' needs around the world.

  • A comma separator - for the USA & UK e.g. 23,334,290

  • A space separator - Canada, Australia, plus many European countries e.g. 23 334 290

  • No separator - often used in scientific writings, page numbers, years & addresses e.g. 23334290

    How many Worksheets are there ?
    Virtually unlimited. At the click of a button all numbers are randomised, so the questions change every time which allows you to create as many new worksheets as you need for each of the 8 options for classwork, homework, extra practice or revision throughout the year or even give groups of pupils in your class different sets of questions.

Answers found on the second page of every worksheet are automatically generated when you create a new worksheet.

These resources are PDF documents and work with the official  Adobe Acrobat Reader on Windows or Mac computers with the randomising buttons also working via a touchscreen (PC or Mac)or on an Interactive Whiteboard.

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