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Writing And Comprehension Practice: Dan’s Dog At The Vet (4-8 years)

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Writing and Comprehension Practice: Dan’s Dog at the Vet (4-8 years)

This must-have tool for educators is designed to promote literacy skills amongst 4-8 year-olds. It serves as a companion book to Mission Spelling Book: Dan’s Dog at the Vet. Please ensure your students have access to this main book under its violet level.

Phonics Reinforcement Activities

  • This workbook consists of follow-up activities centered around sound phonics work taught in its companion Mission Spelling book.
  • The activities are designed with reinforcement in mind - allowing young learners not only to absorb letter sounds but also encourage their active participation by tracing and writing letters based on those sounds.

Note: Writing and Comprehension Practice promotes comprehension skills by basing simple questions on the story introduced earlier, aiming towards improving student retention levels.

Suite of ‘Mission Spelling Zero’ Programme

Dan's Dog at the Vet part of an educational suite that provides a structured sequence for reading mastery over seven levels or colors while also enriching handwriting abilities where learners get hands-on experience writing simple sentences all while enjoying strategically designed games. Tailored Educational Stage :Early Learning, Kindergarten up till Grade 1
Subject Area Detail : Language Arts particularly Phonics Designed primarily keeping early education stage dealing with grades such as Early Learning, Kindergarten up till Grade 1 concentrating on the subject area Language Arts particularly Phonics. This resource is distributed in easily accessible PDF format,. Ideal for different modes of teaching delivery be it through group learning sessions, small focused groups or even as a fun homework assignment.

What's Included

9 pages

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