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Learn The Aphabet With Dan’s Dog (4-7 years)

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Learn The Alphabet With Dan’s Dog (4-7 years)

Setting the foundations in basic literacy for early learners is simpler with this engaging teaching resource, perfect for preschoolers through to grade 1 students. Learn the Alphabet with Dan’s Dog provides a charming and creative way for children aged 4-7 years to reinforce their understanding of alphabet letters.

Presented across 27 comprehensive pages, it presents key sounds of each letter in the alphabet carefully embedded within meaningful sentences. Coupled with vibrant illustrations to kindle curiosity and reinforce retention, each page features an expression with an emphasized word that would prompt learners to identify the starting letter. For instance, young learners are encouraged to identify 'a' as a significant sound in 'act like a cat’.

Mission Spelling Zero

As part of our 'Mission Spelling Zero'; scheme, this resource intends not only to introduce young minds towards reading and writing but also foster their spelling abilities through structured learning patterns over time.


  • This versatile resource covers diverse pedagogical requirements - from whole-group instructions at school or homeschooling set-ups nurturing individualized learning.
  • They can also be used effectively within small group activities or even as focused homework assignments that engage parents too!
Coverage & Format:

This tool encapsulates language arts under its umbrella coverage; it targets pre-reading skills necessary at these formative ages specifically promoting growth in ‘letter-sound’ correlations.

The readily printable PDF worksheets add portability and ease-of-use regardless of where learning happens - at home or classrooms.

Equip your eager-to-learn students now with fun-filled adventures featuring Dan's dog whilst mastering important language lessons amidst playful exploration! Get ready for them proudly pointing out those learned letters around them! Add Learn The Alphabet With Dan’s Dog (4-7 years) resource into your teaching toolkit today!

What's Included

27 pages

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alphabet learning early literacy phonics skills pre-reading activities language arts

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