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Writing Prompt + Discussion Flashcards: Yoga Pilates Pack

About This Product

Writing Prompt + Discussion Flashcards: Yoga Pilates Pack

The Writing Prompt + Discussion Flashcards: Yoga Pilates Pack is a resourceful tool for educators, useful in empowering learners to build their vocabulary and augment their writing practice. With this pack, teachers and homeschoolers have a hands-on way of invoking intriguing discussions while also enhancing cognitive thinking skills through open-ended writing prompts.


  • The pack comprises several realistic colored photos that primarily focus on yoga and Pilates.

  • This versatile resource can be utilized across various levels of learning activities - perhaps as part of whole-group instructions or small group activity sessions.

  • This multi-purpose pack has been thoughtfully designed incorporating everyday life and our world as major themes – there are flashcards covering everything from animals, clothes, hobbies to holidays facilitating personalised instruction matching every student's interests.

Possible Applications

  1. Can be applicable across P.E & Health, Special Resources & Language Arts subjects including sub-subjects – yoga, health vocabulary & writing types respectively; It could potentially heat up discussions in science language or physical education classes by forming the base for conversations on these topics.

  2. Given its feature with no words written on the pictures themselves, it opens up endless possibilities in using them even for teaching foreign languages too!

You can opt digital screen displays over printing hard copies which would not only help educators save printing costs but also adapt to futuristic teaching methodologies while doing so!

In conclusion, the Writing Prompt + Discussion Flashcards: Yoga Pilates Pack is a wholesome material devised to serve multiple roles effectively

  • Allowing students to express themselves creatively via short stories or longer narratives based on these flashcard prompts

  • Being an aid in boosting communication skills;

  • Suiting diverse needs within special education spaces through variety forms like lexicons mini books or task cards and many more.

19 -page PDF of A4 size and 6 - on a page real colored photos for thematic language development, communication and more

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