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Writing Prompt: Halloween

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About This Product

Creative writing can be such an important part of your classroom. Sometimes we want students to write in a very specific manner. Other times, allowing students to write creatively can be rewarding for them.

With this product, you get one of my Halloween writing prompts. You will get a graphic organizer so students can organize their thoughts before writing. You'll also get the first page for students' writing, which has a box for a picture, and the prompt written. The final page you'll get is for students to expand on their stories beyond the first page.

Being handed a prompt can make it easier for students to get started on a piece of writing. Be careful, though. They could keep writing....and writing....and writing. So, make sure to give them some boundaries. (Ex: 2 paragraphs; 7 sentences; etc...)

Having prompts that go along with a season or holiday can be fun for students. You could have this be one of your writing assignments for October. If you have younger students, or struggling writers, you could first brainstorm ideas altogether. You could write these on the board for students to refer back to for their graphic organizer. If you have older students, you could just hand them the prompt and let them go.

You'll get a pdf with 3 pages.

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