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Year Long Weekly Writing Prompt Journal

Year Long Weekly Writing Prompt Journal
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Grade 6, 7, 8, 9





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About This Product

The Year Long Weekly Writing Prompt Journal

Updated in 2020, the journal offers a format that is compatible with Microsoft and Google platforms. It's available both digitally and for print. This resource aids students from grades 6 to grade 9 in enhancing their writing skills through ongoing practice throughout the academic year.

Range of Writing Categories

  • Argument Writing
  • Narrative Writing
  • Explanatory Writing
  • Current Events/Research
  • Critical Thinking.

Fostering diverse styles of expression, each week introduces new prompts designed to encourage articulate thought expression in students while emphasizing different styles of writing.

Inclusions & Features

  • Fifty engaging weekly prompts each featuring grading areas and inspirational quotes about written expression.
    Teachers can use these resources as complete journals for annual work or introduce individual prompts weekly according to lesson plans.
  • Versatile selection option allowing choice among any month's five prompt based on curriculum relevance at different times heightening student engagement with varied activities rather than routine school work.
  • Mainly designed for Language Arts subject teaching but not restricted solely to it – it blends seamlessly into all contexts where written communication is pivotal.
  • Apart from being used for classroom activities, this tool also serves well as a means to give assignments and set homework practices due to its flexible nature!
To sum up,, this Year Long Weekly Writing Prompt Journal acts as an ideal asset for educators seeking the enhancement of writing skills among students while nurturing critical thinking through varied interactive exercises articulated within its carefully assembled content.

What's Included

- 50 weekly writing prompts (digital and printable!)

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