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'Zoggy Goes On Holiday' Spell Words With 'ay' (7-11 years)

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About This Product

"Zoggy Goes On Holiday" Spell Words With 'ay' (7-11 years) Resource

This comprehensive teaching tool is designed to help learners aged between 7-11 years successfully read and spell words with the 'ay' phonics. Incorporating delightful rhymes and lists, it aids in mastering spelling beyond traditional English language learning.

This resource is one in a series of 22 different work packs, each developed around a specific phonics sound. It adopts an interesting approach where Zoggy, a character renowned for his superlative spelling prowess, guides learners through challenges that are both enlightening and fun.

The resource offers something unique on each page:

  • Vivid cartoons
  • Captivating phonic rhymes
  • Practical phonic spelling tests

These ensure that students or children are always eager to engage while learning at their own pace. The activities can be administered by teachers or parents in various ways – whole groups can collectively work on it under teacher guidance; students can tackle exercises independently either at home or during classroom free time—promoting individual problem-solving skills.

Educational Value:

The resource focuses on essential phonics knowledge such as initial blends, ending blends and middle sounds. It serves as an important instructional tool for educators working with grade 2 to grade 5 students focusing particularly on the Language Arts Spelling subtopic.

Digital Availability & Compliance:

The pack is digitally available in PDF format for easy access across devices plus complies with the National Curriculum, further proving its relevance in contemporary education.

Total Pages:

Six pages structure ensures content manages not to overwhelm young learners but rather provide sufficient practice material towards language mastery.


It's not just about the destination but also how much ground you cover while ensuring your pupils enjoy their journey from learning individual letters to becoming excellent spellers with our Zoggy series!

What's Included

6 pages

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phonics spelling reading educational resource interactive learning how to spell holidays

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