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The purpose of public education is to prepare students to be productive citizens, solve problems, and to participate in society. Education should emphasize social interaction and learning how to cooperate with others to improve society. In order to do this trust between teacher and student is vital, the base on which all other principles rest. To obtain this trust a culture of relaxed alertness must exist in the classroom. In order to establish an emotional climate of relaxed awareness teachers must reduce any threat (perceived or real) and enhance self-efficacy. If a student believes they are safe they can express themselves and believe in their own competence. If this environment is established then other principles associated with relaxed awareness can exist. For example, the ability for group learning can take place once the student feels safe. Students can begin to make sense of their own experiences, make mistakes, and make emotional connections if they feel they are able to express themselves. The emotional influence of any lesson or life experience may echo with the student long after the particular situation occurs. Consequently, a suitable emotional climate is crucial to a positive learning experience.