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100th Day of School Math Coloring Pages - Addition Color by Number Code Sheets

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100's Day


Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

100th Day of School Math Coloring Pages - Addition Color by Number Code Sheets

A versatile tool that seamlessly blends fun and learning into one convenient resource. These worksheets, featuring engaging 100th Day of School-themed coloring pages, offer addition fact practice with an artistic touch.

Engaging and Interactive

Students relish the chance to solve addition problems as they slowly unravel exciting mystery pictures hidden within the color by number code coloring pages. This resource can be used for calming morning work or as an appealing option for fast finishers.

Differentiation Friendly

Included in this inclusive teaching resource are:

  • Two levels of addition worksheets tailored for differentiation.
  • Three math coloring pages with sums up to 10.
  • Three further sheets covering sums from 10-20.

Trouble-Free Assessment

To assist teachers in assessment, color-coded at a glance answer keys are provided with each worksheet. An effective means to simplify marking time allowing more focus on classroom instruction. Suitable not only as mathematics homework but also providing content for substitute teacher lesson plans.

Versatile Usage This product adapts well into settings such as:
    In Whole Group Discussions:
  • Learners share their finished pieces and discuss their methods of solving problems.
In Small Group Work:
  • Learners facilitate peer teaching and collaborative problem-solving skills.
    The customer feedback has always been well received from satisfied educators confirming its effectiveness both independently and inserted within rotation at print-and-go math centers." Brightening Up Your Curriculum

    Turn the journey towards mastering addition facts fun by incorporating these whimsical 100th Day Of School themed puzzles. A perfect addition to your everyday curriculum leading up until the much-anticipated '100's day celebration'. Suitable for Grades 1 & 2, it encompasses holidays related subtopics under productive worksheets.
    Files available in PDF!

    Experience joy of teaching math with this colourful, engaging and effective tool.

  • What's Included


    ⭐2 levels of addition worksheets for differentiation

    ⭐3 math coloring pages with addition to 10

    ⭐3 math coloring pages with addition sums 10-20

    ⭐color coded at a glance answer keys

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    100th Day Math Coloring Addition Practice Color by Number Differentiation

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