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18 Phonemic Awareness Task Cards-CVC Short O

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About This Product

18 English Phonemic Awareness Task Cards: See it, Say it, Move it

1. Introduction: The Phonemic Awareness Task Cards: See it, Say it, Move It, emphasize segmenting and blending skills with CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) short /o/ words. Practice segmenting skills to strengthen decoding ability.

2. Objective: Develop students’ phonemic awareness by breaking down CVC words into individual phonemes.

Focus on identifying initial consonants, middle vowels, and final consonants.

3. Directions:

See: see the word on each task card.

Say: Pronounce each sound (phoneme) you hear.

Move It: Use your finger to trace the path of the blue circle (representing the consonant) as you say the sounds. Imagine the circle moving along the path.

Blend: Combine the phonemes to read the complete word.

4. Grades or Ages:

Early elementary students (kindergarten and beyond), ELLs, and learners developing early foundational oral language skills.

5. Implementation Format:

Print the task cards for individual or group use. Recommend using dry-erase sleeves for sustainability and to print on cardstock paper which is thicker and more durable to minimize breakage and tearing.

Project the cards on a screen for whole-class participation.

6. Answer Keys: An answer sheet is included for self-checking. Encourage students to verify their responses.

7. How to Use and Variations, beyond the basic steps, challenge students to:

Alphabetize the CVC words.

Create rhyming words.

Form word families.

Provide guided group practice for struggling learners.

8. Standards: Aligns with phonemic awareness standards, and reinforces decoding and spelling skills.

9. File Types: Available in PDF format.

10. Number of Pages: The product contains 18 task cards, Answer Key, and Instructors Directions resulting in 21 pages.

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