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20 SEL Games for Morning Meetings Back to School Fun

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In this amazing SEL resource, you will receive 20 different games and activities for either morning meetings, advisories, icebreakers, or any community-building goals. There are 20 different activities. They are Deck of Cards, Blobs and Lines, What's the Theme, What's Different, Whose Your Bestie, Snowball Toss, Diversity Toss, Minefield, Listening Chain, Beach Ball Toss, Toilet Paper Talks, SEL Heads Up, Passions Tic Tac Toe, SEL Speed Dating, 4 Picture Quadrants, Jigsaw Jumble.

Where The Wind Blows, SEL Jenga, SEL Show & Tell, and 2 Truths and a Lie. Many of these can be tweaked for the age group you are serving. These are wonderful for helping students find commonalities, and build skills such as teamwork, self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills, friendship skills, responsible decision-making, and many more of those social skills that are really necessary for success in schools. This resource has information on the social risk level. This means that the social risk is low if they are not feeling the level of anxiety related to sharing a lot about themselves. There is a 1-3 rating for this. some games are a bit riskier than others in terms of social-emotional risk in sharing about themselves. There is also a 1-3 level of rating for easy to difficult as well as prep needed from the teacher or counselor. There is also a list of social-emotional skills being practiced and addressed. You can see the rating scale based on the number of suns that are yellow.

Additionally, you will find Instruction/Set Up explanation with steps on how to set up the lesson and also some variations based on age and developmental stages for your classroom. You know your own students best and can tweak any game to your liking. There are links to my own Google Slides for the question banks and examples. Everything you need is here. Just download the PDF!

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