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11 Advisory Lessons


Grade 6, 7, 8, 9, 10



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About This Product

I have included 11 tried and true advisory lessons for middle and high school students. These are time-tested (on middle school students-no less), engaging, and no prep activities. Each lesson has a purpose. Many lessons include video links and handouts to get ready for your group in less than 5 minutes. Lessons include "getting to know you" activities, diversity and identity, being an upstander (in a unique way), 4 styles of communication, and more. There are video links, handouts, and activities to foster making connections and encourage a positive class community. You will not be disappointed! Find the contents and instruction sheet in the zip file and have fun!

What's Included

11 ready-to-go lessons for advisory and "getting to know you" activities.

Resource Tags

advisorysocial-emotional learningschool counselingrelationship skillsice breakers