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2024-2025 EDITABLE planners for wizards and witches in PowerPoint - insert your own text, pics, links...

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About This Product

2024-2025 EDITABLE Planners for Wizards and Witches

Adaptable. These planners excel in its capacity to allow teachers to directly type or copy/paste text, customize fonts, sizes, and colors.

Multimedia functionality.The inclusion of photo insertions, clip art images, internet links, sounds, and videos open up a plethora of creative possibilities for engaging lessons discussions.

Coverage & Customizable Themes

  • Covers from January 2024 through December 2025 across two separate PowerPoint files (for both UK & US spellings).
  • Includes Christmas, Easter, Halloween themes - allowing additional room for creativity concerning holiday-based learning plans or activities. You can copy/paste any slides needed while disregarding those unnecessary."

Ease of Sharing & Sustainability Considerations

The planners can be conveniently shared via email as PDFs or image files; embedding into class blogs/websites is also an option; print-outs are available too if preferred. Moreover it's respectful towards sustainability considerations aiding in paper conservation and reducing ink usage.

Data Protection Recommendation

To ensure no data loss it endorses maintaining backup copies before any modifications giving dependability extra prominence."

Versatility beyond Basic Classroom Application & Flexibility

  • Beyond basic classroom organization applications the templates scale up impressively serving multiple functions – like managing assessment dates birthdays vital dates distress warnings behavior systems.
  • You can even utilize these resources outside their usual field to serve personal needs like organizing your children's schedules thereby marking how truly diverse this planner is.

What's Included


2 EDITABLE PowerPoint files (2024 & 2025)

UK and US spellings

Sunday to Saturday

Ready made text boxes to insert text, pics, links...

Tips and instructions

24 months + Christmas, Easter, Halloween options included

From January 2024 to December 2025

Resource Tags

editable planners multimedia customizable time management resource utilization

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