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3 Letter Nonsense Words Name the Alien

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Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product

Learning to decode new words is an essential reading skill, and these Nonsense Words worksheets make mastering vowel sounds fun! This pack contains 6 alien-themed worksheets focused on creating and sounding out nonsense words to build phonics skills.

Each page contains a blank box for children to design, draw and color their own alien. They then have a collection of sounds at the bottom to cut out and create a nonsense name for their alien that includes a specific vowel sound that will go in the middle of the silly alien name. Students will practice isolating and pronouncing the target sounds as they figure out how to read the funny names.

With fun graphics and engaging activities, these Nonsense Word worksheets provide enjoyable phonics practice. Children will get repeated exposure to the basic short vowel sounds that pop up frequently in English words. The alien theme adds an element of entertainment to help hold kids' interest as they tackle each new sound challenge.

Educators looking for a supplemental resource to help students master short vowel sounds will love this pack. It provides focused practice to cement knowledge of these fundamental phonics skills in a refreshing way!

The eye catching clipart is courtesy of Kari Bolt Clipart

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Word blending Decoding practice Early reading skills Reading fluency Phonological awareness short vowel sounds nonsense words alien words phonic reading

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