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3rd Grade Math Assessment -Set 1

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About This Product

3rd Grade Math Assessment - Set 1

The 3rd Grade Math Assessment - Set 1 serves as a comprehensive tool to evaluate fundamental mathematical concepts like addition, subtraction (including subtract across zeroes), rounding to the nearest 10 and 100, basic multiplication and division facts, word problems, and fractions. Primarily designed for third graders, it also proves useful for fourth to sixth graders seeking a refresh of core math concepts early in the academic year.

Assessment Content and Structure:

  • A balanced mix of problem types are presented including three each of addition and subtraction exercises involving three-to-four-digit numbers. Subtraction problems extend your students' understanding by including subtracting across zeroes challenges.
  • To stimulate critical thinking in math education, there are two exercises requiring rounding off numbers to their nearest tens or hundreds alongside three word problems.
  • Multiplication, division, & fractional parts are equally given attention with questions requiring students to visually represent fractions through coloring distinct parts of circles.
  • The setup spreads out over two-page featuring a total 18 engaging math problems providing learning interaction while allocating enough space for showing work – an element which promotes 'learning by doing’ process yet facilitates easy reviewing for educators.


Education settings find these assessments versatile enough to use in whole-group sessions or small focus groups which allow focused attention on specific topics. It can even serve as homework assignments providing further reinforcement opportunities outside classroom – options that cater well according to varying teaching styles. Parents homeschooling their kids will find using this resource helpful either on independent basis or during extended study periods as they’re comprehensive but compact enough not be intimidating even for reticent learners at home.

Added benefits:
  • An answer key is provided saving precious prepping time while ensuring thorough check-ups thus facilitating efficient grading.
  • The file, accessible in PDF form, allows easy printing or digital viewing thereby making the 3rd Grade Math Assessment – Set 1 a dynamic and effective math learning instrument promoting understanding and mastery of core mathematical concepts.

What's Included

There are 2 student pages with a total of 18 problems.

There is space for students to show their work - I highly encourage this!

An answer key is provided to allow for quick grading.

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