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3rd Grade Math Review for Addition and Subtraction

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Grade 3, 4



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About This Product

This product is perfect for 3rd grade math standards review. It's a worksheet where students review addition and subtraction within 1000. It also has students practice subtracting across zeros.

While it was created for the 3rd grade standard of writing, 3.NBT.2, it would be a great review for 4th graders before you begin greater addition and subtraction.

I've set these worksheets up so students have room to show their work. The numbers are all lined up nicely, and each place is its own box. I know that when students are learning to subtract across zeros, they need a lot of room to work with.

These 3 worksheets would work well for independent practice, review later in the year, or even as an assessment.

If you want more worksheets for addition or subtraction, check out a few of my other worksheets:

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What's Included

You will receive a pdf file. You will get six pages. The first 3 pages are the student worksheets. The last 3 pages are the answer keys. On the answer keys I show how to get the answer, in case you'd like to put the key up for students to see.

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