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6th Grade Math: Ratio & Proportional Relationship Bundle: 6 Activities

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Grade 5, 6, 7





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About This Product

Do you need some new ideas for your 6th grade math unit to meet the Common Core State Standards for Ratios and Proportional Relationships? Here is a ready-to-go bundle with six fun real-life activities to incorporate into your unit plan.

1) Ratio Exit Slip: Here is a quick assessment to check your students' understanding midway through a ratio unit. It assesses part to part and part to whole ratios and uses visuals.

2) Math Stations: Ratios and Proportional Relationships: These 5 stations are filled with problem solving, equivalent ratios, visual tasks, finding the ratios on road trips and more!

3) Income Inequality: Use a real world (and simple!) ratio called the Palma Ratio to talk about income inequality around the world and what kind of society your students want to live in.

4) Saving Up With a Part Time Job: Fill in ratio tables and graph them as well as your students choose an item to save up for, determine the tax, figure out how many hours they would have to work at two different hourly wages, and determine how many weeks it would take to save for their item.

5) Grocery Shopping Price Comparisons: Students use ratio and rates to figure out the best deal when sale prices are written in different a confusing ways.

6) Calculating Taxes, Tips, and Sale Prices: Students are taught three methods for calculating percentages: using benchmarks, using fractions, or using decimals. Then they apply these strategies to six real world examples.

Grades to Use With:

This bundle is designed for students in Grade 6, but can be used for Grade 5 enrichment, Grade 7 or 8 review, or high school special education classes.

What's Included:

22 Page PDF with 6 Activities

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