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ACE Words Word Wall Cards

ACE Words Word Wall Cards
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Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product

The ACE Words Word Wall Cards deliver an extraordinary teaching tool that aids young students in kindergarten and grade 1 to improve their reading abilities of ACE words. The tools constitute CVCe word cards, centered around the ACE word family. Each card presents an enticing visual with the word printed in clear font accompanied by a relevant large image.

Unique Feature

A distinguishing characteristic of these cards is that half of them display words in solid black letters, whereas the other half emphasize rime in red. This clever design assists students to blend onset and rime seamlessly, thereby improving their pronunciation skills and enhancing language proficiency.


  • Their traditional use is as standard word wall cards; however, they offer much more than just this purpose.
  • A simple cut along the line on these cards creates engaging matching puzzles for interactive learning during class or breaks.
  • As flashcards or reference tools within a writing center, learners can refer to them when constructing sentences or labeling pictures, hence enriching their vocabulary.
  • Incorporating these resources into morning routines or literacy tubs/baskets offers consistent exposure and immersion into language learning throughout various school settings.

Preparation and Use:

  1. To optimize usage of these versatile aids, print out pages and cut-out individual cards; additional cuts are needed between pictures and corresponding words if converted into puzzles.

  2. Laminate them after cutting for increased durability. These laminated resources serve as sturdy companions for our young scholars through numerous repetitions over time boosting retention remarkably,

In Conclusion:
These powerful visuals significantly aid skill development crucial for reading CVCe words. They create interactive and fascinating lessons focused on blending onset and rimes - a critical ability necessary for leading among peers within phonics subject work sectors during this foundational stage of education, whether in public schools or homeschooling scenarios.

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