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Acorn Making 10 Worksheets and Centers

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About This Product

Students will engage in practice to make the sum of 10, using visual prompts in ten frames, hands-on centers, and worksheets that sport an acorn theme, making them perfect for the fall season.

Included in this resource:

  • A task card center focused on making 10

  • Making 10 clip cards

  • Three distinct worksheets for making 10

These materials enable students to practice addition by constructing the sum of 10, using both hands-on math centers and worksheets. Each center comes with a card for every make-ten math fact from 0-10, allowing students to cover all the possible addition facts to achieve a sum of 10. Two of the worksheets involve cutting and pasting numbers to validate each make-ten fact, whereas the third worksheet requires students to write the correct response to complete each making-ten addition problem. Every worksheet incorporates visual hints to assist students in resolving each addition fact.

Ways to use this resource:

  • During math center activities

  • For individual practice sessions

  • As part of small group activities

  • Within task box activities

  • As morning work or homework

These resources will keep your students actively involved as they learn to make 10 using pictorial clues. The hands-on aspect of the centers offers students a tactile way to engage with math facts. The worksheets are ideal for homework, independent practice, or morning tasks, while the centers are perfect for small group activities, task box activities, or math centers. Multiple activities ensure that students have repeated exposure to the same skill.

Skills Evaluated:

  • Forming the sum of 10

  • Mastery of addition facts

The worksheets are ready-to-use: teachers simply need to print them out and distribute them among students. The centers require minimal preparation: just print, cut out, and, if desired, laminate. The clip cards and task cards can be stored in task boxes or pencil cases for a math center activity that's easy to set up and clean up.

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