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Action Words AAC Flashcards - Verbs in Japanese Romaji

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Action Words AAC Flashcards - Verbs in Japanese Romaji

Introducing the "Japanese Romaji Action Word AAC Flashcards" – a dynamic teaching resource meticulously crafted to support students, especially those with communication challenges, and homeschooling kids on their journey to enhancing their language skills.

This resource includes a series of flashcards featuring action words (verbs) in Japanese Romaji, making language learning and communication development accessible and engaging.

Each flashcard in this set has been thoughtfully designed to aid in language comprehension, pronunciation, and usage. The intuitive design ensures that students of all ages can use this resource independently. Whether you're an educator in need of a unique language-teaching tool or a parent guiding your child's language development, these flashcards offer a versatile and effective solution.

Watch your students or kids thrive in their communication and language abilities as they explore the world of Japanese Romaji action words through this user-friendly and engaging resource.

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112 Action words included: Wave, Whistle, Touch, Write, Walk, Win, Wash, Buy, Cook, Carry, Cut, Build, Cough, Coach, Break, Donate, Eat, Color, Pick, Dance, Drive, Drink, Cry, Hug, Listen, Fix, Look, Fight, Laugh, Jump, Fish, Play, Run, Read, Surf, Photograph, Ride, Meditate, Paint, Sleep, Teach, Stretch, Swim, Shop, Sweep, Study, Serve, Hike, Clap, Watch, Learn, Solve, Catch, Give, Yell/Shout, Dig, Kick, Hunt, Skate, Throw, Climb, Push, Help, Sing, Pull, Call, Snore, Brush, Work, Wear, Smile, Open, Bathe, Talk, Sew, Close, Smell, Crawl, Sit, Steal, Knit, Shake, Ski, Pour, Sterilize, Exercise, Explain, Stand, Lift, Camp, Fall, Hit, Pray, Count, Wipe, Kneel, Plow, Respire / Breath, Go, Sneeze, Inhale, Exhale, Bite, Investigate, Wake, Water, Swing, Farm, Wink, Hide, Squat, Slip.

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