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"Age of Exploration, part 1", US History, PowerPoint

"Age of Exploration, part 1", US History, PowerPoint
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History: USA


Grade 9, 10, 11, 12

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About This Product

Age of Exploration, part 1

A detailed and factual US History PowerPoint targeted for use in grade levels ranging from Grade 9 to Grade 12. The material provided in this resource is geared towards Social Studies with a primary focus on USA History.

PowerPoint Particulars:

  • Total Slides: 71
  • Subject: Age of Exploration
  • Tyoe: Microsoft PowPoint Presentation (.ppt)

This comprehensive teaching tool provides a wealth of knowledge and insight into the Age of Exploration. Each slide presents key historical information accompanied by relevant images that further illuminate the context, making it an excellent visual medium for grasping complex historical concepts.

Note Taking:

A significant feature of this material is that it underscores the value of active participation through note-taking. In particular, it advocates for the utilization of the Cornell Note-Taking method - a research-backed technique known to support higher-level thinking like application, synthesis, and analysis while boosting reading comprehension.

Cornell Note-Taking Strategy Deployment:
  1. Full group exploration during class hours.
  2. In smaller group discussions.
  3. As individual student assignments outside classroom settings such as homework tasks or independent projects.
Digital Nature Advantages:

The digital nature as a Microsoft PowerPoint file type presentation ensures educators can easily modify content across multiple platforms. Whether projected onto whiteboards for larger audiences or disseminated individually via computers or tablets – this resource offers versatile deployment possibilities according to your instructional needs.

In Summary-

, 'Age of Exploration', part 1 goes beyond just imparting knowledge; its primary aim extends to fostering skills integral for holistic learning experiences.

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