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Algebra: Number Charts - Practice the Skill 3 - PC Software

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About This Product

Engaging Teaching Resource: Algebra: Number Charts - Practice the Skill 3 - PC Software

As an educator, you appreciate engaging teaching resources for their significant role in enhancing learning. Here, we introduce Algebra: Number Charts - Practice the Skill 3, a software designed to contribute towards building math skills while captivating interest.

  • This software is specially crafted for Preschool, Kindergarten and Grades 1 and 2 students, focusing on number charts of algebra.
  • The resource engages learners with timed drill activities based on 'practice the skill' approach.
  • The interactive element prompts students to determine if specific numbers are odd or even, reinforcing concepts through these all-important exercises.

Room for Self-Discovery Within Learning

Beyond repeating tasks, learning yields results when there's room for self-discovery which this software keenly provides. Coherent with this notion are various math tools included allowing exploration and deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.

Educational Standards & Authenticity

The content aligns with contemporary educational demands having conformed to:

  • Common Core State Standards,

  • STEM initiatives,

  • NCTM standards further underlining its educational worth and efficacy in algebra learning. Can academic demands get any more current?

Inclusive Design – English & Spanish Compatibility
An exceptional feature of this offering is its linguistic inclusivity. It includes both English voice-over and text but does not stop at that; it goes further to incorporate Spanish options — an excellent solution catering efficiently to diverse linguistic backgrounds! This amenity also extends streamlined accessibility to homeschoolers and multilingual classrooms.
PC- Specific Convenience

The product is presented as a zip file particularly for PC users providing convenience in managing organized lesson resources even without additional hardware or installations.

Algebra: Number Charts – Practice The Skill 3 is not just software, but a flexible educational tool adapting readily to varied teaching needs whether they involve full-class sessions, smaller groups' activities or individual homework assignments!

What's Included

1 zip file with PC software

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