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Algebra: Patterns - Pre-Assessment & Teach the Skill - FLASH-MAC

Algebra: Patterns - Pre-Assessment & Teach the Skill - FLASH-MAC
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Grade 3, 4, 5

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About This Product

FLASH-MAC: Comprehensive Algebra Teaching Resource

Algebra: Patterns - Pre-Assessment & Teach the Skill - FLASH-MAC is a comprehensive teaching resource designed for educators teaching Grades 3-5. This product focuses on fostering a clear understanding of Algebra patterns and rich in curriculum content.

What does this tool offer?

This tool performs two main functions;

  • Evaluates students’ prior knowledge with pre-assessment activities.
  • Serves as an expert guide towards delivering content effectively with a well-structured lesson plan.

Besides being just software, it ties in several essential math tools simplifying the path to interactive learning for students and making teaching easier for educators.

Dual Language Support System - Uniqueness Unveiled

This unique feature caters to bilingual or ESL learners, offering audio over text in English and Spanish voice over option coupled with corresponding texts to enhance classroom accessibility.

Educational Standards Compliance – For All Students’ Success

The product is compliant with various standard education guidelines:

  • kCompliance with Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
  • .
  • Fostering inclusive design ensuring success at school and beyond school life.
  • .
  • Promoting STEM initiatives nurturing 21st-century skills aligned along National Council Teachers Mathematics (NCTM).
  • .

User Experience & Compatibility – Exclusively streamlined for Macintosh systems.

Crafted as standalone software on MAC Systems this resource provides seamless access and implementation. Its functionality appeals to educators who prefer effective teaching tools. This dynamic product calculated to enhance your Algebra classes is perfect for public educators and homeschooling routines alike.

Goal – Strong Foundation in Algebra Patterns

3rd to 5th-grade students are our focus audience targeted at equipping them with a foundational understanding of Algebra patterns essential for future learning advancements.

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