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All about Autumn for EYFS and KS1 PowerPoint

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A simple introduction to autumn for EYFS/Y1 children.
What is autumn? A season and a time of change
The four seasons
Change in temperature
Change in daylight
Plants get ready for autumn: leaves fall and change colour/make seeds/nuts/berries
Harvest time: fruit/vegetable harvest/ploughing fields and sowing seed
Mushrooms growing
Animals prepare for winter including hibernation
Birds migrate

The presentation ends with the words of the hymn ‘We plough the fields and scatter’, over 2 slides. These can be omitted if the hymn is not considered appropriate.

29 slides
PowerPoint format
Beautiful photos
Animated, but no sound - teacher to read the text

A good way to start a project on autumn, or to consolidate work covered at the end of a project about autumn.

What's Included

1 PoweRPoint

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