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All About White | Preschool Color of the Week Unit

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About This Product

All About White - Preschool Color of the Week Unit

The All About White unit is an engaging and interactive teaching tool designed to introduce preschoolers to the color white. This all-inclusive kit features a myriad of activities, worksheets, crafts, and resources designed specifically for young learners in mind - right from toddlers to kindergarteners.

The materials included within this kit range widely in terms of application ensuring teachers have great flexibility with regards to their integration within existing curriculums.

  • An editable "Things That Are White" coloring page that inspires students to identify different objects associated with this color.
  • A classroom poster about white helps children visually associate elements and characteristics tied up with this coloring scheme.
  • A specially-designed crown template offers kids a creative outlet during learning exercises.
  • Liner tracing posters available in both black & white as well as colored versions catered towards improving students' motor abilities alongside their understanding about white hue nuances..

A spotlight component includes a mini-book projecting multiple dimensions of 'white' which consists of twelve quarter-sheet pages filled with pictures alongside words that kids can follow along by tracing them across paper. Additionally, cut-out supplies such as paint cans, brushes and puddles are offered in multiple versions promoting craft-related learning methods among children about medium application. There are also plentiful visual aids consisting largely ten-colored photo posters featuring real-life things principally identifying as or completely being 'white'.

  • For fostering more interactive engagements among peers during group assignments there's a fun-filled 'white'-themed bingo game encompassing 24 call cards potentially useful during instruction periods or small group engagements.
    These tools portray versatility – can be framed on your classroom walls just like they could be returned as home activity tasks for parents seeking to supplement their kids' learning process outside regular school hours.

All About White, at its core isn't just about one single color but symbolizes a zestful journey catalyzing creativity among budding learners as well as reinforcing basic color-identification concepts.

This comprehensive unit is delivered via a single zipped file containing an 89-page ready-to-print PDF, alongside a Google doc articulating product description and preview images for an overview of the set contents. This resource, designed bearing in mind preschool students while focusing on Art & Music and particularly Coloring methodologies - offers young learners an invigorating medium to perceive their inhibiting universe cast in 'white'.

What's Included

1 zip file with:

-1 PDF with 89 ready to print pages

-Google Doc w/ product description

-Preview images

Resource Tags

white activities preschool color unit color exploration coloring techniques interactive learning

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