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Alphabet Construction Color Print



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About This Product

Product Description

Alphabet Construction Color Print is a great way for young children to learn their alphabets using letter constructions for phonics lessons, literacy lessons, and literacy centers. This play-based games help children cement phonological learning and is best use to develop letter recognition, memory skills, phonics skills, as well as fine motor skills.

Directions for use:

To prepare the activity, print the colorful shapes pieces and cut the pieces out for use. As for the instructional task cards, they can be ring bind or use as mats to make the alphabets. The mats and color pieces are best use if laminated before use, makes them durable and reusable.

Uses for product


Phonics Activity


Literacy center

Wall tiles


Writing Mats

Reading Mats

Alphabet construction

Alphabet tiles

Activity & Games

What's Included

About this product

This product contains 26 instructional task cards in both lower and upper case and printable colorful shapes for construction.

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